BU says "hello" to its brand new 197 international students for 2017-2018 academic year from 14 countries with the orientation programme.

Orientation events were organized by our International Office for 197 international students from 14 countries. In the morning session, Vice Coordinator Burçin KEF gave information to the students about the facilities, procedures and the academic units of university in the Central Conference Hall located on the Ağdacı Campus. In order for them to orient themselves to the life here, they were also provided with the crucial information about both Bartın and Turkey. At the end of the presentations the student clubs, Cycling Club, Kızılay Club and Turkish World Research Club told students about their activities.


Rector Uzun comes together with the international students

After the orientation presentations on Ağdacı Campus, Rector Uzun came together with the students and had lunch together. Prof. Dr. Uzun made talks with the students in person and told them that Bartın University adopts a student-oriented education and thank them for their choice. "You are not anymore a visitor but a landlords at our university. Our main priority is to focus on the needs of students. The huge academic staff will be with you for every educational activity. And you, as the member of this big family, will help build our future by taking the success ranking of our university to the top list with your contributions.

The facilities on the both campus introduced to them

The international students were also introduced the facilities on the both campuses and found out the educational areas. Finally, they visited the Central Research Laboratory and the academic staff introduced the laboratory briefly.

Int'l students amazed by Amasra

The students also took part in the guided city tour in Amasra and were told about the history of Turkish culture and Amasra. In the Amasra Museum, they were able to learn about the 3000-year history of Amasra, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantium and Genoese periods.